The #1 Thing that Scares Me in Marketing

The #1 Thing that Scares Me in Marketing
Marketing: all Tricks or all Treats?

Happy Halloween! I hope you're having a safe and spooktastic Halloween. The sun is currently setting and I'm wrapping up my work day, I like to review what I'm learning.

This point in my life, I'm focusing on learning marketing and copywriting. My education is script writing & I don't want to go to Hollywood (another story for another time). Never in a million years did I think it was possible to make money as a writer.

The more I dig into learning the art of copywriting, the #1 thing that scares me the most:

Manipulation. More spefically, emotional manipulation.

For example, the classic is FoMo (Fear Of Missing Out). Used when there is a sale or theres a need to drive sales during a specific time period.

Out of all the advice I've seen is "never write for yourself, write for your viewer." But I'm wondering, where is the line of ethics? When does the use of FoMo, for example, run it's course? Has it run it's course? When does the use of these marketing tactics become preying on people?

Being the student, these are the first thoughts that have come up. And I don't have any answers...yet.

Maybe I'll change my mind in the future. At this moment, my brain cannot process how to even write in that style of copy.

I hope to write more and share my thoughts through this process.

Until next time,