Create Confident Content

Go from "I'm not comfortable in font of the camera" to "I'm ready to film!"

Long-Form Content That's Uniquely YOU!

Take your long-form YouTube scripts from:
• templated • formulaic • disingenuous

No more stumbling, No more filler words, No more freezing in front of the camera!

So why hire a script writer to write your video content?

Scriptwriting ≠ Copywriting

Video Content Needs to Support Your Customers...

...not bombard them with more sales-pitches.

Scriptwriting is writing for the hero of your story, aka, your customer. Video content is the only content that puts you face-to-face with your customers. Take the opportunity to leverage your content for business and community growth.

People want community and need to know that when they invest in a company, the company is also investing in them. Don't be another company who abandons their community for the sake of money and sales. Instead, foster and grow your community with your long-format video content.

If you're thinking, "Yes! I want to help my customers and build a community...but I'm too scared be in front of the camera..."
You're Not Alone & I'm Here to Help!

What it's like working with me:

Discovery Call: We discuss your mission & vision, what kind of content you want to make, & how your customers need to be supported.

Writing Process: We take the outline from our discussion & I create a script that's authentic to you, your brand, & your voice.

Read-Through: We sit down together and do a read-through of your script for maximum authenticity, inflection, & tone.

ACTION! You're ready to go film your content!

I know how scary and intimidating it is being on camera. My mission is give you the confidence to be on camera...whether that's one script or 9, I'm here to help you!

You can find more information on my Services Page.

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