Plan Chicly Review: My 2023 Planner

Plan Chicly Review: My 2023 Planner
Plan Chicly 2023 in Lavender

Okay Quick Review: WTF, I think I just found my PERFECT Planner!

Plan Chickly came across my social media at the hight of my search for a 2023 planner. I looked over their products a few times & decided to buy their 2023 planner. It just came in the mail (3 days early, btw) & here's my first review of it.

I love planning. I hate shopping for planners. Over the years, I've found what I needed in a planner and time & time again, planners have only checked off 85-90% of what I needed. That 15ish% margin was totally acceptible to me, because that's life.

What I was looking for:
 • No Wasted Pages: I needed a planner to start in January
 • Monthly Calendar: overview to be used for life "event"
 • Weekly Spread: space to write to-dos with an area to 'check' them off
 • Goal Tracker: tracking all the things

This planner is like a premade bullet journal. It has all the components that I loved with bullet journalling without all the work that goes into creating a bullet journal.

I'm blown away. Between their customer service, packaging, and actual product, I'm still in shell shock. The level of quality is unmatched and I cannot wait to start using this planner.

I'll do another blog post with a breakdown of exactally how I'll be using this planner for 2023.