The Best YouTube Marketing Strategy: Community Building Evergreen Content

The Best YouTube Marketing Strategy: Community Building Evergreen Content
Photo by NordWood Themes / Unsplash

After creating a YouTube channel, I get asked "what kind of videos should I make?"

The quick answer: Vaulable Evergreen Content

Looking at marketing strategies, it's easy to focus on all the sales/product videos. These are the videos where you get to showoff what new and cool things you're doing. And I'm going to tell you, that is not where your focus should be.

YouTube, in the past 10 years, has switched from a video broadcasting platform to a community building platform. Communities are the new currency. You have to take care of your community and they'll take care of you. I've personally seen communities built solely on YouTube that get spread out to other platforms.

In this blog post, I'm going to tell you:

  1. The 3 kind of Evergreen Videos you should be creating
  2. The Benefits of these videos
  3. The Pitfalls of not creating any Evergreen Videos

3 Videos to Create (regardless of industry):

The definition of Evergreen Content is: content that will always stay relevent.

The 3 videos I recommend creating are:

  1. Reviews: videos where you give your opinion on something from your industry
  2. How-To's: videos that walk the viewer through something they're using
  3. Q&As / FAQs: videos that answer direct questions asked by your community

Why do I recommend starting with these videos? Because you have all of the answers. With content creation, half the battle is knowing the answers and the other half is executing on those answers.

No matter your industry: people have questions and you have the answers. Evergreen content is the meeting place.

The Benefits:

Creating evergreen content serves one main goal: Helping Your Community.

Like I said in the beginning, you help your community & they will help you. When you switch from "how can I get money" to "how can I help" your brand & business will grow.

The first main benefit is that evergreen content builds the relationship between you and your current community. I cannot stress this enough. Business, marketing, and social media is about buliding a relationship between you and the community. It's important to communicate with your community and communicate with them often.

The second benefit is your ability to gain new customers. Google is pushing YouTube videos on their page 1 search results. Right now, YouTube Videos have their own dedicated area on the search page to make them stand out. Depending on the topic, videos come up first ahead of website pages.

The third benefit of having a strategy that focuses on evergreen content is you'll never run out of content ideas. There will always be people asking questions and looking for answers. Reviews, How-To's, and Q&A's can be uploaded and updated Quarterly and Bi-Yearly.

Not having evergreen content will create a slippery slope that is extermly hard to come back from.

The Pitfalls:

I've seen too many brands' and business' growth plateau because they focus on the wrong thing.

The main pitfalls with not creating evergreen content:

  1. Not supporting your community: if they're struggling with something and you're silent, that's a problem. It's the same thing as walking into a store and having the staff ignore you.
  2. Missing out on new customers: customers are searching for answers and if you don't have them, they'll find somebody else.
  3. Showing Up Infrequently: if you show up every time you have a new thing to sell, you're telling the public all you care about is money.

Do not sacrifice your relationship with your customers for the sake of sales.


Please, Please, Please: Focus on creating Evergreen Video Content. Your customers will turn into a community and will thank you for it.

How do you create Evergreen Video Content? Create the following videos:

  1. Reviews
  2. How-To's
  3. Q&A's/FAQs

Why should you create Evergreen Video Content?

a. It bulids relationship between you & your community/customers

b. It brings in new people from Google

c. It will fill out the content calendar

What happens if you don't create Evergreen Video Content?

  1. You're not supporting your community to the fullist extent
  2. You're not getting any new customers
  3. You're not going to profit from customers because they'll be tired of you asking them for money